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Buying a home or condo in the Long Island or New York City area can be very overwhelming. Our certified and professional Long Island home inspection can give you a clear assessment on the condition of the home that you are about to buy so that you do not have any surprise repairs waiting for you after closing.

Make The Right Decision

Long Island Home Inspection Services - Guaranteed by International Association of Certified Home InspectorsWe put our client’s needs and trust first and foremost. In order to allow our clients to make a more well-informed decision about the home that they are buying and/or selling in Long Island or New York City, we are committed to providing accurate and detailed information about the home inspection.

Long Island Home Inspection – Reports

Long Island Home Inspection Reports - digital, comprehensive and professionalWe include thorough and detailed computerized Long Island home inspection reports that include digital images of the home, making them very easy to understand. Within 24-48 hours of the home inspection, the client is forwarded a copy of the home inspection report. This time is needed in order to complete a full report that outlines the conditions noted at the home inspection along with recommendations from the home inspector.

Long Island Home Inspection – Training

Long Island Home Inspection TrainingOur professionally trained and Licensed New York Home Inspectors have the proper skills, tools and expertise to identify problems that a home buyer’s/seller’s untrained eyes are not trained to see, especially during a time when stress and emotions are running high with excitement and anticipation about the experience of a perfect new home.

Long Island Home Inspection – Choices

Home Buyers & Builders - Long Island Home Inspection ChoicesThere are many reasons for people to buy homes in Long Island and New York City, and we understand that not every house is the same; therefore, we customize each home inspection to meet our client’s needs. We accommodate complete home inspections in Long Island or New York City, infrared home inspections, limited roof inspections or even just a walk through inspection.

Long Island Home Inspection – Defects

Generally, whatever we will find during the home inspection usually falls within the following categories:

  • Anything that might prevent you from obtaining a mortgage, live in the home, or get insurance on the home.
  • Safety hazards such as a problem with the electrical system that could harm either you or destroy the property.
  • Things that can lead to major problems, such as a small roof leak that can lead to interior damage.
  • Major problems such as structural issues that could cause water intrusion leading to mold issues.

Home Inspection Safety Hazards
Home Inspection Roof Leaking
Long Island Mold Inspection

Selecting a Home Inspector

Home Inspection Thermal Imaging EquipmentPrice does not determine a qualified home inspector; some people offer prices as low as $199.00, but these low cost home inspections are generally offered by people who claim to be home inspectors, but who are probably inexperience, under equipped, or who rush through numerous home inspections each day. These home inspectors generally provide a basic checklist report that they prepare immediately after the inspection is over. Photos or detailed comments and recommendations may not be included, so your decision will therefore be less informed.

When buying a home in Long Island or New York City, you should not settle for anyone less than a Solid City Home Inspector. Our home inspectors are professionally trained, equipped with cutting edge home inspection tools and equipment but most important we care about the clients needs. We invest the time to properly assess the condition of your home or property. We make sure that the client’s needs come first and they get a detailed and fully explained home inspection report. We make sure to pay attention to details that an untrained eye, or someone who does not have the proper equipment, would not be able to notice. For example without the use of an infrared camera, the condition in the photo would not have been noticed, and the buyer nor the seller would ever know the real conditions of this wall. This photo shows heavy air penetration; a sign of very poor insulation.

Our Home Inspection Commitment

Should we have the honor of inspecting your potential home , we promise you will have our very best efforts. We will provide you with answers to all of your home inspection concerns. At Solid City Home Inspections, you become our client for life, not only on the day of the inspection. Please contact us at anytime; we are here to help you live in comfort !

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